Pysähdy Kajalakodissa (2008)

Summer 2008 Kristina lived at Kajalakoti, an old folks home, for three weeks as part of the site specific art project Taiteen tiet (Way of the Art). She participated in the same activities and daily routines as the others living there and she wrote a blog about her experience. Link to the blog: her

Here is a text from the blog:

Friday 13th: report 4:30 am – 4:30 pm

4:30 wake up. Sound: ventilation Place: my room in the cellar
5:30 following in the steps of the night shift. Sound: snorring and radio. Place: hallway
6:30 reading newspaper while dayshift arrive. Sound: the beeper for help Place: office
7:30 shower. Sound: water Place: shower downstairs
8:30 breakfast. Sound: shivering ceramic cups. Place: small eating hall
9:30 morning movement. Sound: bones. Place: small eating hall
10:30 aloud reading of todays newspaper. Sound: voice reading aloud. Place: Television hall
11:30 lunch. Sound: hostess serving food. Place: big eating hall
12:30 bingo. Sound: hard plastic balls on metal. Place: small eating hall
13:30 sitting in the rocking chair. Sound: steps. Place: Television hall
14:30 visiting. Sound: pauses inbetween speech. Place: someone elses room.
15:30 waiting for dinner. Sound: pots and pans in a room far away. Place: big eating hall
16:30 visitors. Sound: laughter. Place: my room in the cellar

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