University course in Performance Art

A 10 credit (one third of a semester) university course, which functions as an introduction to performance art. The main focus in this course is practical try-outs of different performance art forms and -processes, and reflection related to this practice. In addition, the students got a basic introduction to performance art history and theory.

Performance art has its root in visual art from the early 1900s avant-garde, such as Dadaism, Futurism and Surrealism. The artist used herself and the body in time and space, instead of the artwork being an object. Moreover, performance art is influenced by experimental theatre, -dance, -litterature and -music, as well as activism and other sub cultures. Performance art challenges the borders and is continuosly changing.

The course had different workshops with focus themes every time. The themes for the workshops were identity and autobiographical material, art and everyday and own interest/project. In addition there was a focus on site, time, body, action, audience and performer, and documentation and performance for/with children and youths. The course concluded with an evening of performance art where the students showed individual performances.

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