Den store skolefesten


The Big School Party is a performance, a karaoke with different voices and a celebration of school.


We asked people of all ages what they would have celebrated with their own school time. We used the answers to create four different celebrations of school. The celebrations took place at the honorable Harstad school in a classroom with cod liver oil, karaoke, new words and party hats. Each celebration was unique and was built on chance, depending on the wheel of fortune.

The Big School Party is the third performance in the “Talk for yourself”- project, which creates new forms of performing arts using texts written by children and youths. The texts are about being young, school, quitting school and imagination. The performances ask questions related to the Norwegian school, norms and expectations to the art.

The performances are created by the duo Brox Liabø and Junttila, who wishes to use the theatre as a means to influence society. The Big School Party at the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad is the start of a tour where we, in cooperation with Hålogaland Theatre, are going to have many celebrations in different schools both in Northern Norway and Internationally.

We want to celebrate that everything can still happen and that school is the place to be.

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