Talking in the rain. An Entertaining Show about the Weather (2020)

“This is how melting ice feels. This is how warm your palm becomes when it is 54 degrees celsius, and this is the smell of forest fire. Ferske Scener offers an embodied experience of the climate changes. Even if the performance was fully digital.”
Anki Gerhardsen, Nordlys

Talking in the Rain – An Entertaining Show about the Weather is a remote performance where the weather will get under your skin. We find ways of being physical and create common spaces, even though we will never meet physically in the same room. You will get a postal package delivered at your door. The performance will take place on your phone, in your surroundings, and in a common Zoom meeting where the feel-good format of the talk show is disturbed by wet feet, black coal, and strong wind.

The idea behind the performance is simple: people relate to Weather on a personal and embodied level, while the relationship to Climate often becomes an intellectual and abstract exercise. Talking about the weather is absolutely harmless socially. Talking about the climate – not to mention the climate crisis – is a step into a warzone of predetermined political positions. The performance aims to overcome the verbal trenches and create shared, tactile and surprising experiences.

“It is intimate and engaging, it is alive and exciting, and the interaction between the actors and audience also creates a feeling of togetherness which defies and erases the physical distance we actually have in between us.”
Anki Gerhardsen, Nordlys

Photo: Jan Ahlstedt

Jan Ahlstedt