Snakk for deg sjøl – Live Installation (2012)


“I was standing and looking at one youth inside a box, we stood like this for 2-3 minutes, and it was so enchanting. How often do you get to see a 14-year old straight into the eyes?”
Pernille, audience member.

Talk For Yourself (Snakk for deg sjøl) was a Live Installation on how youth talk, exhibited at the Art Hall in Tromsø. How do adults perceive the youth? How do youth look at themselves and others?

The material of the installation was written by 300 pupils in secondary school. Through writing workshops the students wrote dialogues using their own language about issues that interests them. The dialogues were used in the Live Installation developed by dramatist Rebekka Brox Liabø and performance artist Kristina Junttila. In addition more than 20 pupils participated as performers.

The Live Installation began with a hommage to the youth. The audience was then invited to wander freely between different image-, sound- and text installations, watch living youth in the exhibit, listen to youth and try to talk like a youth.


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