Requiem for a pig – the Documentary (2013)


Ruth runs the animal-hotel The Stable, a place where people, tired of their lives, can check in and become their favourite animal. This is a black fable for adults. A celebration of language, imagination and everything that make us different from swine.

The trilogy REQUIEM FOR A PIG consists of the Documentary (an exhibition of text, objects, facts, exercises and documentation), the Radio Play (an improvisation by the performers, treating the script as a surface with no role divisions. The performers grab the words, deciding on tone, texture, rythm etc, creating a landscape of sounds in the situation) and the Play (a directed staging of the piece, with physical and visual imagery).

Central theme in the documentary version is our time´s schizophrene relationship with animals: we idyllise and humanise, and at the same time exploit animals as living food-machines.


Rekviem for ein gris – Dokumentaren from Ferske Scener on Vimeo.