Post-Sense Room (2018)


Post-Sense Room is a durational participatory installation, providing a space for reflecting on one’s abilities and debilities. Through material encounters and traces within the space, visitors are drawn into an embodied, sensory, aesthetic, and conceptual exploration. The piece is influenced by critical discourses around disability and ability, as well as Jaakonaho’s and Junttila’s embodied experiences of working with differently abled people. Post-Sense Room aims to make space for post-human, vulnerable and interdependent subjectivity, going beyond normative binaries and fixed identities. Differently abled people have been consulted in the process of developing the piece.

Audience could wear a piece of clothing which emphasises an embodied (dis)ability, listen to audio recordings, be comforted in a swing, hang around and

The room was open during the three festival days and audience could come and go as they wished. Jaakonaho & Junttila was present and performing in the space.


Liisa Jaakonaho and Kristina Junttila started their collaboration on the theme of disability as a performative workshop titled “Becoming Disabled” at the Research Pavilion in the Venice Biennale 2017.