Kurant nabolag (2016)

The nearest neighbor of Kurant Visningsrom is a shipyard. It is the last remaining industry in the center of Tromsø. But soon, it will be history. Kurant is concerned about what is going to happen in the area.

A group of artists has over time explored the shipyard and its surrounding area. This work has resulted in a map and several site specific installations that reflects upon existing qualities and alternative possibilities for the future of this area. We want to create a space that nurtures daily life at a human scale, and provide solutions that go beyond the need for waterfront housing and parking. We want a neighborhood with character, a valuable long-term community ‘asset’ in its own right. We want a place where everyone can belong, and we look forward to be a part of the new neighborhood in the future.

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Kristin Tårnes and Kristina Junttila made a film for the exhibition which was screened in the window of Kurant throughout the exhibition period, day and night. Title of the film was “Everyday fantasies of the future” and it was filmed during one whole year. The film stages everyday activities to experience the industrial landscape today and to suggest new ideas for how the area could be used in the future.