Fluxus Event Score Workshop

Course description

An exploration of the process of producing exercises, event scores, action scripts and short performance scripts in the tradition of Fluxus and Happenings. The emphasis is on how each student can use event scores in their own art today and in the future.

During the course we explore event scores with an emphasis on historical Fluxus event scores and action scripts for happenings. We experiment with ways of creating scores for performances and events, perform old scores, create new scores and perform them as well. We will try out the possibilities of scores as recipes, instructions, notation, synopsis, timeline, action poem or conceptual artwork and as a basis for participatory events. Analytical and historical texts are included to support practical assignments. The final demonstration has included presentation of new scores in the form of Fluxus Jukebox.

“Write an event score for your self in the future. Set the date or year, when you are allowed to perform the score. Put the score in an envelope, close it and save it for the future.”

In the workshop we practice creating fast and sharing what we create during the process and this creates energy!

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