On the potential of exercises in Live Art



What makes you act?

 Kristina Junttila is a performance artist working especially with participation. Junttilas PhD is an art pedagogical project, focusing on the exercise as an event in Live Art. In her research she will investigate how exercises initiate action in a way that gives room for the not-yet planned to happen.

Live Art is a multifaceted field, which is in a constant movement between the borders of various art fields. The word “live” indicates that the art includes the presence of the artist and/or spectator. Exercises are applied as a method to engage and initiate action in both Live Art works and education.

Junttila will base her research on own performances where she facilitates exercises. She will look at what actions the exercises produce and where these actions lead. The exercises accommodate an action or intervention that is in dialogue with – but also can disrupt, the established state.

The aim of this research is to develop strategies for Live Art to be an active participant in community and to develop pedagogical tools that will support the constant movement of Live Art.