Exercise 8 – Wednesday 11th of October “Slide”

This exercise is from the dance performance project “Transporteringsdans”   by the artist Martin Slaatto. It is a deck of cards of different playfully ways of “transporting” yourself through space.


In my own translation this exercise went like:

“Slide. Slide forward with long, tough and slimy movements. Be tight and light on the foot, but feel still the friction against the floor.”

I was at the Gardermoen airport, moving from one gate at the domestic terminal to another gate at the international terminal. Sliding. The movement was faster then if I was to walk normally. This time I was travelling with no kids, but I felt like a kid. Sliding, feeling the friction. After a while it started to be fun. In the beginning it was embarrassing, but I continued while I was still making sure to not be in the way for the others.