Exercise 43 – Wednesday 15th of November “Death-Birth-Discovery-Relationship.”

“Death – Birth – Discovery Relationship

Students are wrapped in plastic or fabric elastic, while their bodies are in the foetal position, preserving this position by completely wrapping them, and in that time preparing their bodies in solitude and compression. After a time of resisting the limitation of space and air, the bodies begin their expansion, breaking the cocoon, in a birth that links metaphor and experience. Reality, symbol, and need are born sensorily but also in the performance. After release from the cocoon, the students begin a recognition between body and space, as if they were actually born to a reality unknown. The relationship with other bodies is based on the search for an intermediate zone that brings the individual bodies into a collective body, a mirror; not imitation, but as a gap.”

Adrán Edgardo Gómez González

From the book “Performance Artists Workbook” Pilvi Porkola (ed.)