Exercise 32 – Saturday November 4th “An Exercise in Asking”

“An Exercise in Asking





Sketch pad

Any recording device (e.g. camera, voice recorder, smartphone, etc)


Formulate a question in your head. You can write it down or just keep it in your mind. If you are in secluded space, you can work with the things around you. If you want, you can also go into nature – anywhere you think is compelling for you. Approaching things around you, living or non-living, that call for your attention. Ask the your question. Write their response(s) on a piece of paper, or record the event using any recording device.

Sort the information you have gathered. You can collect key words, write poetry out of the recordings, or create performance scores. You now have the materials for a possible performance act/event that responds to a question you formulated in the beginning of this task.

It is also possible to mess with the exercise. You can pose a question and not search for answers at all.”

Jay Mar Albaos

From the book “Performance Artists Workbook” by Pilvi Porkola (ed.)